Success Stories



On a family vacation in Thailand, Lizzy ran up to us as we were walking around a resort. She was so friendly and instantly bonded to us. When we learned she was a street dog, we were shocked and knew we had to bring her home. Lizzy and one of our dogs did not get along but fortunately we were able to find a lovely family for her! Her and our Ms.P have doggy dates at the park whenever possible. 



When we met Garda on a beach in Thailand, we were instantly heartbroken. He had mange so bad that we couldn't see any fur on him and he was badly sun burnt. We instantly started making a plan to get him proper care. Since we were on an island, this sweet boy went on quite the adventure to the mainland with us where we were able to partner with local rescues to get him the care he needed. Members of our family instantly fell in love with him after hearing his story, so we were able to arrange transport to Wisconsin once he was fit to travel. He is now a beautiful and happy pup and enjoying every minute of his new life. 



Jasper was one of the original foster kitties to join our Moses Ark family. We loved him so much that we held on to him as long as we could! He was always the first to greet new people and cats, and took such great care of any kittens that come through our rescue. As he got older, we realized he would be happiest in a home with fewer cats. He is now living happily with a loving family and has an adopted brother he can wrestle with. 



Jezzy was a beautiful and extremely sweet Bengal that was surrendered to us. She was overwhelmed being in our rescue so we were overjoyed when she found a great home. She is now spending her days with another Bengal kitty, soaking up the sun in her new sun porch, and getting lots of love from her family. 



Ozana was an adorable puppy from India that arrived to the US with our dogs Tikka and Rio. She instantly won over everyone she met and quickly found her permanent home during a trip to the vet office. She is now living an active and happy life in Minnesota with a family we adore. 



Latte was a sweet girl we fostered for a very short time because she was instantly adored by her new owner. Her owner reports that Latte is great, except for her pickiness with food. She spends most of her days watching birds, cuddling, and sleeping in the sun.



We received Taco as a kitten from a farm who feared he would not survive like his siblings. While he face a variety of illnesses and medical complications, he was a fighter, put on weight, and became a rambunctious kitten. He now lives with a lovely friend in St. Louis who spoils him and his adoptive sibling, Ginger. He has grown into a large cat who does not understand his size and loves cuddles.



 Neel is a street dog from India. He was being fostered in Canada for the past year, came to Moses Ark in March, 2019.  He's a huge sweetheart and was a joy to have at the Ark! He was adopted by a absolutely lovely family where he gets to spend his days sleeping on the couch and playing outside with their kids. 



 Elle is a very sweet cat who was surrendered to us. Our vet called us asking if we could take her because her previous owner wanted her put down even though there was no reason to do so. Elle has one eye and had a very faint positive to FIV. She found a wonderful home with an amazing nurse in Minneapolis.