Sanctuary Residents

Ms. P


Priscilla (aka Ms. P) is one of our furrever residents. She was rescued years ago after being chained to a tree for the first 3 years of her life. She is a member of the Moses Ark family and our resident babysitter for all of our kittens and puppies! Every little one that comes through our doors is automatically her baby.   



Sasha is our resident alpha dog who keeps the rescue on track. She loves to welcome new dogs to the rescue and is especially kind to our dogs with disabilities. When Sasha isn't running outside, she is napping or licking one of us until she is the center of attention.



Nala is our resident Savannah Cat who came to us as a kitten needing bilateral hip and knee surgeries. She has recovered beautifully and is one of the fastest cats around! When she isn't running around playing with puppies or cleaning kittens, she is likely sneaking up behind you to rub her face through your hair. 



Despite her small size, Mew is one of the toughest cats out there. When she's not showing off her strength or gracefully flying up trees, she is looking out the window waiting for her next opportunity to explore.