"In Transition" is a term we use to categorize the animals that are not quite ready to be adopted. Animals may be in this category for a variety of reasons. They may be new to the rescue and we want to get to know them better before placing them in a home. They may also have medical, behavioral, or rehabilitation needs that we want to work on prior to adoption. 

If you are interested in any of these animals, contact us and we can let you know more about their current status and expected timeline. 

In Transition



We were told Biku is a dog, but we've decided he is a lovable T-Rex. Biku is a rescue from India with severe deformities in each of his legs. He doesn't let that stop him though! Biku has learned to hop over to a bed he thinks looks comfy and twirls his legs in excitement when he wants attention. He is anxious around other animals when he is not on an elevated surface but loves people! His best friend Love arrived to Moses Ark with him and they would like to stay together.