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Half-Stache got her name due to her stylish half-mustache but she has adopted many nicknames over the last 2 years, including Pooh Bear and Fluff nugget. If you are looking for a cuddler, look no further. There is nothing this fluffy bundle of love would like to do more than sit in your lap all day. She does well with other cats but would prefer to have as much of the attention as she can get. She is a daughter of Maddy and Itty's brother

Itty Bitty


Itty Bitty is no longer a small cat. When he came to us we thought he was an 8 week old kitten due to his size. He was actually an adult and severely malnourished due to worms and parasites. After rounds of treatment, Itty grew into the large, lovable cat he is today. Itty loves to cuddle and play. He can play a little rough with gentle cats but is the biggest sweetheart with kittens. He would do best in a home with another cat that loves to play or with someone thinking about getting a kitten in the future. He is Half-Stache's brother and a son of Maddy. 



Shadow is a sweet cuddly kitty that had a rough start here at the Ark. She was a very sick kitten who after multiple treatments and lots of love, became a healthy and happy adult. Shadow is a shy cat who enjoys the company of people and some of the cats here at the Ark. She would do well in a home that is patient and allows her to transition gradually. 



Walter is one unique and large orange and white cat. He is very independent and perfect for someone who wants a cat that can be cuddly but also likes to do his own thing. Walter is our "hitchhiker" who came to the Ark after jumping in someone's car as they were leaving work. After months of searching, we were unable to find his owners and believe he may have been abandoned. Walter is patient with other cats and definitely a lady's man. He always has a girlfriend here who he looks after and sits near. He would do well in a single cat household or in a home with a female cat. 



 Love is a sweet dog who had both of her back legs amputated after being hit by a car in India. She came to us with Biku and Neel after the rescue she was at in Canada closed. Love is very energetic, loving, and mobile! She is one of the quickest dogs we have here. Even though she moves well on two-legs, we are preparing her for a wheelchair in order to protect her front legs from becoming overworked. She loves all people but can be aggressive with some other dogs and cannot be around cats. If you have another dog and are interested in her, we would require a sniff n' greet.  

Mama Bear


Mama Bear is a rescue from St. Louis who was living in a parking lot with her babies. She was one of the most attentive and protective mothers we had seen which led to her name! Three of her babies found homes in St. Louis and unfortunately, the fourth one did not survive long after coming to the Ark due to a heart problem. Mama is now fixed and is semi-social. She can rub up against you and pet you but gives very dirty looks if you attempt to pet her. She was previously feral but is no longer fit to live outdoors without supplemental food and shelter. We believe she may do well on a farm setting or with someone who is patient and can dedicate time to further socializing her as we do here.

Rocky (aka Muppet)


Rocky is another previously feral and semi-socialized cat we have here at the Ark. He is slowly coming around to allowing pettings while he eats and sometimes when he is relaxing. Rocky was a previous barn cat who may be the father to Half-Stache and Itty. He is now fixed and enjoying life at the Ark. He is a very shy cat who would do well in a setting with a patient person who works on socialization as we do here. He may also do well returning to a farm as long as supplemental food and shelter were provided. 



Gandolf is an energetic young cat here at the Ark. She is shy, but once she warms up to you, she is a cuddle machine. She loves to play and would do well with another cat that can match her energy level. She is a sweet cat and very smart. She has had reoccurring ear infections that clear up quickly with ear cleaner and antibiotics. However, she learns the treatment schedule and hides so needs an owner who can out smart her back. 



We currently have many kittens available for adoption after they are finished with vet care needs and neutered/spayed. Contact us for more details, pictures to come. 

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