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Rescue animals have always been in our hearts and homes over the years. After selling her business and retiring, founder Kessea Moses began fostering kittens. Little did she know, this would spark the passion that lead to Moses Ark. Now, Moses Ark aims to help animals of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities receive the love and care they need and find their forever homes. Over the past few years, we have dedicated our time to helping any animal we can, ranging from abandoned kittens in the Midwest to disabled street dogs in Asia. 

At Moses Ark, our mission is to provide more than food and shelter for our animals. Our facility is designed around enrichment and universal design. This means that every animal from our hyper kittens and adventurous puppies to our cats that wobble and dogs with two legs are able to play and enjoy the space!

We also believe that people of all abilities can benefit from the companionship of a pet. Kessea Moses's daughter, Alex Erickson, is receiving her doctorate in Occupational Therapy and is contributing her unique skills to Moses Ark. Our spaces are being designed with people of all abilities in mind. One of our missions is to develop evidence-based educational materials that detail pet care for people of all abilities and for caring for a pet that has a disability.   

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Please explore our website to learn more about all of our furry friends that make us smile each and every day!  

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Meet our Team

Kessea Moses


After I sold my company, I agreed to foster a litter of kittens for a local rescue. What started as a hobby turned into the next stage of my career. Moses Ark gives me the freedom to work with animals on my own timeline to ensure I have done all I can to prepare them for adoption. I am often referred to as a "crazy cat lady;" I wear that title proudly and like to remind people that I am just as passionate about dogs! 

Alex Erickson


I am receiving my doctorate in Occupational Therapy and am passionate about helping both people and animals! My mission is to help come up with creative ways to help animals with disabilities at Moses Ark and to help people of all abilities take care of pets. I have three rescue babies of my own: Navi- a lovable but needy and over dramatic cat, Babou- my sassy mustached cat, and Rio- a rescue Desi dog who doesn't let his eye injury slow him down

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